currently playing: "Jay." by Jay's Idiocy

Currently accepted name(s): Ruby, Jaeuxdeiyane, Jay
Pronouns: it/its (they/them if it/its would be confusing)
Birthday: June 25th, 2004
Hometown: South Bend, Indiana
Favorite font: Century Gothic (this page is written in it!)
my friends typically call me Jay, as it's short for my jokingly made up first name (Jaeuxdeiyane), but recently i've taken a liking to the name Ruby, so that's accepted aswell.
my pronouns can be seen above. i consider myself to be non-binary (specifically genderfluid, usually some form of demi-nonbinary) because being referred to as either male or female feels wrong, but my opinion on everything else changes constantly

if i had to explain what my "talents" are, it'd be the fact that i can make artwork exclusively in paint dot net and/or ms paint using only my (janky) mouse

i also make music in fl studio, i'm not very good at it quite yet, but i've been improving

i've also got basic coding abilities, such as html (obviously) and... well that's it, really

i started actually trying to do art back in like, 2016, and i quickly stopped until like. 2019 iirc, at which point i had been inspired by ArcadeKitten's Cemetery Mary, and tried drawing myself in the style. i did it quite poorly, but it kicked off my current path into art, so i think it doesn't really matter whether or not i did well with that attempt
as for how i got into music, it can be dumbed down into:
"sans undertale is cool, i'm going to make my own megalovania"
thankfully i've grown out of that though. but uh, essentially same timeline as my art of "actually tried in 2016" and "restarted in 2019"
Things I like:

Blackout Hospital by ArcadeKitten




Oliver Buckland's discography

Yellow Magic Orchestra


Categorizing things

Labelling things

Trying to be creative

Orange and maroon

Things I don't like:

Cascading Style Sheets (it's difficult)

The unknown

Not being around people that I know care about me


The taste and texture of the majority of foods

Things I fear:

ㅤ _

_ _


The possibility of losing everyone


Getting taller

Mint (it's a long story)

Loud noises

Upsetting those who care about me


Some Trivia:

I've only been to the states of Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida.

I've only ever ridden the South Shore Line, East Troy Electric Railroad, Hesston Steam Museum, the IRM, Hoosier Valley Railroad, and the Cuyahoga Valley(? I think??? I've been told I have at least).

I have extremely basic 3D modelling knowledge, but I can't really put it to use

My favorite movie's Puss In Boots - The Last Wish
My second favorite is the polar express

"Jay" is short for Jaeuxdeiyane. Pronounced "Joe-Dee-Anne"

Flaws of mine:

I'm a perfectionist to an almost debilitating degree
(i've gotten better at not being a perfectionist, thankfully)

I need glasses, but I haven't gottem them yet

My right foot was damaged as a kid, it still hurts sometimes

I've got minor hearing damage
I might have a light form of tinnitus? Not entirely sure though
I can't hear anything above ~16661hz

I'm unable to think for myself most of the time

I might as well be a hermit crab with how much I fear people I do not know

I say "Like" like, a lot in verbal conversation.
I also apologize way too often and for everything

I'm essentially incapable of viewing light that's brighter than my monitor displaying 200,200,200

There's a fault in my brain where, if I'm in "autopilot" and stressed out, it will fabricate a memory of whatever I'm currently doing and that fabricated memory gets written down as "this was a dream that happened (insert time) ago"

I have an unusually weak heart and lungs

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